Waste Management Audit

Partner: Boombirds

Deep dive into your waste management operations and identify efficiency and cost reduction opportunities in compliance with environmental regulations. Replace manual audits with digital compliance checklists to confirm adherence to procedures. Standardise waste generation and management processes using SOPs to aid adherence to every step of the process. Keep a tab on process hazardous waste management practices and ensure adherence with our flexible readymade use case templates ingrained with custom checklists, tasks, scheduled audits and machine maintenance management.

  • Improve health and safety standards through better waste management and safe disposal processes
  • Digital quality check SOPs with checklists, forms, tasks, and photo proofs of the entire process from waste generation, classification, treatment, recycling etc.
  • Enhance waste monitoring, and streamline your waste operations with real-time views
  • Schedule periodic recurring waste audits in alignment with regulatory and environmental practices
  • Track key waste metrics and KPIs to make accurate, data-driven decisions using interactive custom dashboards
  • Seamless sync between mobile app, tablet & desktop) for instant monitoring
  • Obtain key insights into potential compliance issues and fix them instantly
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Key Benefits and Features


  • Improve control
  • and ensure compliance
  • Identify and fix bottlenecks in the waste management process
  • Flag any areas of non-compliance
  • and devise an action plan to improve the process


  • Simple waste management process workflows
  • Smarter Waste Management with digital checklists and photographic proofs
  • Measure success with an intuitive customisable dashboard
  • Continuous process improvement using predefined SLAs and KPIs for efficient waste management practices

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