Quality Control For Incoming Materials

Partner: Proprietary (IndustryApps)

This add-on app helps to manage the quality related processes of the incoming material. A quality controller can view the status of quality checks on various samples of the material collected. There are mainly two parts in this app, QC Pending and QC Entry.

In QC Pending, the samples are listed, for which QC is pending, approved and rejected. The user has the option to search, scan QR code and filter the QC samples.

In QC Entry, the entries based on the vendor, material and batch number provided by the user will be displayed. There will be set of QC test parameters, specifications and result values. User can also upload CoA (Certificate of Analysis) given by the vendor. The user can view and edit the details in it as per QC process followed by the plant and then approve or reject. 

This is an add-on app which provides greater insights and visibility on QC and can be used with other primary apps.

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