Plutomen Connect for frontline collaboration

Partner: Plutomen

Plutomen Connect is a secure B2B SaaS Product powered by AR technology to empower enterprises with self-assistance and remote collaboration tools for their frontline workforces across the globe. We foster your frontline team capacities and boost productivity to enable a faster first-time fix rate, reduce operational costs significantly, and maximize revenue growth while promoting sustainability and worker safety.

With Plutomen Connect, frontline workers can seamlessly collaborate remotely with industry experts. Get real-time visual guidance for daily MRO through real-time AR annotations on images & video recordings, a private encrypted chat module, intelligent analytics, an admin dashboard – complete digitalized self-help manuals and workflows with companies’ SOPs. 

Our platform enables industrial enterprises to improve productivity, enable faster resolution, reduce operational costs, and maximize revenue growth while promoting sustainability and worker safety. 

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Key Benefits and Features


  • Field Service MRO Support : Quick Incident Response
  • Maintenance & Operations Assistance : Plant commissioning & Installation
  • Smart Inspections & Audit : Replace the physical visits with remote inspection and get updated – encrypted report storage.
  • Real-time 3D annotations : Provides a guide to the frontline worker through prompt and accurate MRO fix.
  • Reduces in-person availability : Eliminates in-person hefty visit costs to boost resource delegation and increase productivity.


  • Live Video call (one to one and group call)
  • AR Enabled drawing and annotations
  • Image Capture
  • Video Recording
  • On call encrypted chat module
  • Screen sharing for web users
  • Screen capture or video recording in live call
  • Secure Messaging Corner (individual and group chat)
  • Session wise Notes & Data
  • Device Agonistic
  • AR enabled measurement (for iOS devices)

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