iBWMS – IoT based Warehouse Management System

Partner: Intelizest Consulting

iBWMS (IoT Based Warehouse Management Solution) is a smart and proven warehouse system based on IoT that helps you track, receive, pick and stock goods without any manual intervention. The solution works perfect for any type of Warehouse. There are readymade templates available for,

•            Manufacturing

•            3PL

•            E-commerce warehouse

It captures the work done by the users automatically and trigger subsequent business events in the integrated systems. It also manages challenges such as lack of inventory oversight, space utilization and inefficient processes within the warehouse thereby increasing the productivity and overall efficiency.

One of the salient features of iBWMS is its capability of handling multiple integrations without the need of any middleware. 

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Key Benefits and Features


  • Inventory accuracy of over 99%
  • Increased productivity of Labour
  • Mobile Application
  • Elimination of Picking and Shipping Errors
  • Real Time Delivery Tracking & e-POD
  • Real-time management dashboards
  • Optimal space utilization
  • Readily Deployable Solution
  • Assured realization of quick RoI
  • Machine Learning algorithm enabled for Picking & Put away optimization


  • Goods Receipt Optimization
  • Direct Receipt from Production
  • Warehouse Layout (Virtual Plotting)
  • Putaway bin determination
  • Internal Routing
  • Reverse Logistics
  • E-commerce Returns receipt
  • Cross Docking
  • Yard Management
  • Seamless tracking at Product/ Carton and Pallet/ Rack level.
  • Digital registration of pallet put-away and picking for automated confirmation and traceability.
  • Bin to Bin transfer
  • Scrapping/ Waste Handling
  • Kit to stock
  • Inventory cycle count
  • Cross Docking movements
  • Batch/Serial Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Route determination
  • Picking, packing & Staging
  • Kit to order
  • Loading and Good Issue
  • Delivery Order Consolidation

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