Goods Receiving App for Delivery Tracking

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Optimizes all GR related information-flows, simplifies your GR processes, improves accessibility to relevant data (traceability), paperless and efficient

This primary-app manages operations related to goods receipt. It helps to create goods receipt (GR) and post the same to the ERP if any. The purpose of the GR app is to track each delivery based on a unique GR number generated via the application. Apart from creating goods receipt user can find created goods receipts and edit it.

The user has the option to filter the goods receipts with respect to date, purchase order or material. Selecting a goods receipt will display the details. 

Goods receipt can be done for all material types with a separate delivery note each time when the GR is received.

The application will generate an internal batch number for each GR. All the details of the order such as vendor batch number, quantity of materials received and the type of handling units used to receive the material can be updated with this app.

On clicking/tapping finalize, GR will be posted to the ERP or database with an unique GR number.

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