Digital Passport Asset Representation

Partner: Arkellis

Digital Passport is a Digital twin-based Asset Representation built on the International Digital twin data model. It provides a universal standard representation of any physical asset with the flexibility to add information across the product value chain. The entire product life cycle can be added to a digital passport based on business needs. A digital passport will become your company’s local representation on the factory floor allowing interaction with end-users. 

All critical data from basic Nameplates to documentation like user manuals, technical specifications, or services like remote technical support, chat capabilities, or even AI/ML-based services like predictive maintenance can be incorporated into the digital passport. Your asset will be able to generate alerts and notifications, order spare parts, and even predict failure delivering a superior customer experience on your assets. 

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Key Benefits and Features


  • Adherence to International standard
  • Allow customer interaction with your asset in AR
  • One click customer support directly from Asset
  • Ability to add more capability blocks like – Predictive maintenance
  • Human / Machine readable data
  • Direct import capability to ERP/CRM


  • Build on Asset Administration shell – The digital twin standard based on IDTA ( International Digital Twin Assosiation)
  • Submodel included – Digital Name plate / Documentation/ Services/ Maintenance
  • Real time data stream – Data visualization widgets
  • 3D – AR Asset view
  • Remote AR based technical support

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