AI For Facemask Detection

Partner: Wobot Intelligence

Ensure PPE compliance by your personnel by detecting if any person is not wearing a facemask within the workplace


1. The Cameras capturing the feed should support a resolution of 720P (min 2MP) and are covering the angles that require the detection of the mentioned use cases.

2. Camera positions might need to be moved or additional cameras will need to be installed for the required regions not being covered. This will be in the purview of the User.

3. There should be a Network video recorder(s) in place

4. Internet connectivity (upload speed) of at least 1 Mbps per camera at each location

5. Public Static IP or DDNS should be available at all locations

6. NVR should be accessible remotely from the browser 

7. RTSP Port (554) should be open 

Image Description

Image Description
Image Description

Key Benefits and Features


  • Personal Hygeine
  • Workplace Safety & Security


  • Automated Facemask Detection

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