Accounts Receivable Bot

Partner: Intelgic Innovations

Automate almost every task in AR processes through RPA bots and save a lot of time and tons of money. AR bots also give 100% accuracy. Create Invoice and follow up on collection

What a Bot can do-

  • Pulls client details from CRM or additional sources
  • Constructs custom invoices by determining the line items for each client in the ERP system Or create invoices through the software system that you use.
  • Sends invoices through email or the application that you use
  • Sends payment reminders through automated calls and texts for aging invoices
  • Responds to customer questions and demands
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Key Benefits and Features


  • Save 40% to 60% of cost in accounting department.
  • Get 100% accuracy.
  • Save huge amounts of time for everyone in accounting departments.


  • Can read images, PDFs, checks, ACH payments, wire receipts
  • Credit card dealings to use for payments from clients toward their open invoices.
  • Do the reconciliation on deposits automatically
  • Can apply customised rules and logic for repayments, partial payments, refunds, credit notes etc.

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