Wobot Intelligence 

Wobot’s plug-and-Play onboarding all while leveraging your pre-existing CCTV/IP infrastructure with deep learning computer vision models under the hood. Whether you’re in manufacturing, hospitality, or food service, find your industry instantly and browse from over hundreds of pre-defined checklists to stay at the top of best industry practices. Use Video Intelligence to detect bottlenecks. Gain insights in real time to resolve them effortlessly

Their Apps include
  • Aisles & Passageways are kept clear

    Make sure your fire-exit corridors and machine movement pathways are clear of any unidentified object, get notified in real-time if there are any objects that are obstructing the passageways or exit ways to ensure workplace safety.

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  • Camera Tampering Detection

    Ensure the CCTV cameras are not being tampered with, get notified in real-time if your camera view gets blocked or the video feeds links are blocked..

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  • Critical Machine Monitoring

    To ensure workplace safety & product quality, keep a check if stations around critical machinery are not left unattended and get notified in real-time if any station is vacant for more than the allowed break time.

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  • Facemask Detection

    Ensure PPE compliance by your personnel by detecting if any person is not wearing a facemask within the workplace.

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