Kinta AI

A fast-growing team of engineers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs with a passion for smart manufacturing Kinta AI, strive to empower manufacturers on their Industry 4.0 journeys to achieve better, faster and more efficient production schedules. Our mission is to unlock the potential of manufacturing facilities so they can get the most out of their valuable materials, machines and skilled labor.

Their Apps include
  • Kinta AI

    Premier manufacturers around the globe depend on Kinta’s AI-powered Smart Scheduling solution to automate their production scheduling operations. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Kinta delivers an algorithmically optimized production schedule to unlock your factory’s full potential. In addition, Kinta can reconfigure your schedule at the click of a button to maximize your schedule to meet your specific business needs. Kinta operates by automating, optimizing, and scheduling at every stage in the supply chain. .

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