At Intelizest, we design, develop, and deploy digitally advanced solutions within IT. Our unique industry-based consultative approach helps clients envision, build and run innovative and efficient businesses.

We work with our clients on the journey of digital transformation, using our expertise in engineering, application development, knowledge management and business process management to help strategize their IT infrastructure.

Our IT solutions, designed for the Cloud, are built on next gen technologies like Blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. We develop and implement high-quality yet cost-effective software solutions, which can coexist with any pre-existing IT system used by our clients.

Their Apps include
  • Rekochain

    RekoChain is a user friendly, ‘Smart’ e-procurement platform that boosts control, compliance and efficiency to the procurement process. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning makes the sourcing process streamlined and agile. It manages all aspects right from sourcing to finance..

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  • iBWMS

    iBWMS (IoT Based Warehouse Management Solution) is a smart and proven warehouse system based on IoT that helps you track, receive, pick and stock goods without any manual intervention. The solution works perfect for any type of Warehouse. There are readymade templates available for Manufacturing, 3PL and E-commerce warehouse

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