One of our first app partners is Boombirds, providing a no-code platform to digitally transform any manual process

Boombirds is delighted to work with IndustryApps to bring their flexible workflow solutions to the manufacturing industry. Examples include SHEQ, waste management, MES Lite amongst others.

Their Apps include
  • 3PM SHEQ

    Transform your third-party contractor’s SHEQ Operations today and mitigate incidents with this fully integrated Audit and Compliance platform. Gain access to not just tools but SHEQ process experts. Convert your paper audits into digital step-based workflows, driving accountability and transparency with a bird’s-eye view across your entire operations. Take advantage of our ready-to-go templates covering key use-cases, with checklists, tasks regular periodic reviews, compliance management, and scheduled audits.

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  • Waste Management Audit

    Deep dive into your waste management operations and identify efficiency and cost reduction opportunities in compliance with environmental regulations. Replace manual audits with digital compliance checklists to confirm adherence to procedures. Standardise waste generation and management processes using SOPs to aid adherence to every step of the process. Keep a tab on process hazardous waste management practices and ensure adherence with our flexible readymade use case templates ingrained with custom checklists, tasks, scheduled audits and machine maintenance management.

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  • Order To Delivery Tracker

    Digitally transform and simplify complex order to delivery workflows and track them using an intuitive interface designed to enhance operational transparency, productivity and efficiency of your delivery and distribution teams.

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    Gain real-time visibility into your third-party contractor’s production operations and keep track of all orders in the process to ensure on time delivery. Deliver value by driving compliance with best practices for quality, efficiency, and cost control. Replace paper and spreadsheets with digital step-based quality inspection workflows, driving efficiency and productivity. Stay on top of your quality processes with our ready-to-go templates covering key use-cases, embedded with checklists, tasks, regular periodic reviews, quality compliance management, and scheduled quality audits.

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